Royal Tennis

The game of tennis can be traced back to 12th Century France, when two monks hung a rope across a courtyard, took a ball, hit it back and forth with their hands and invented a sport that would change history forever.
Text by Stacy Wynn | February 27, 2019 | Lifestyle

Did you know that Tennis has an even more elite story than the finest opera or art exhibit? In fact, many consider it the entertainment of kings. In the first few centuries in which it was played, the ball was struck with the palm of the hand and was called, aptly, Jeu De Paume, or “Game Of The Palm.” It wasn’t until the 16th Century that rackets came into use. Henry VIII of England was a big fan of the game that was then referred to as “royal tennis.” Many original courts remain, including Oxford, Cambridge, Hampton Court and Falkland Palace in Fife, where Mary Queen of Scots regularly played. It wasn’t until centuries later, in 1926 when Charles Pyle introduced the Professional tour, which began attracting the best tennis players around the world that the sport gained worldwide attention.