Role Models

Over the past 30 years, Miami has reinvented itself from a mere tourist destination into a top-tier global city. Miami Girls Foundation is working to see that the image of the “Miami Girl” changes as well.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos by Tomas Lowey | May 10, 2018 | Lifestyle

Art and other forms of media present a powerful message; one that the Miami Girls Foundation, a non-profit “media for social change” platform, is using to show both locals and the world that the real women of South Florida are not the beach-blanket-bunny stereotypes we see on TV and in the movies, but exceptional, individualized females who are taking the city into a new century. The Foundation strives to positively influence younger generations by getting members directly involved with their community to promote the “acceptance of others” by showing that the multicultural, multiracial, multilingual members of our community come in all shapes and sizes and from varied socio-economic backgrounds and professions. Using the power of art, technology and storytelling, they are engaging Miami women to help change perspectives, while inspiring and and empowering women to become role models both locally and beyond;