Robotic Revolution

Our city continues to lead the world in trendsetting innovation as it welcomes the first Techi robot butler designed for condo living at YOTELPAD Miami.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | October 30, 2018 | Luxury

Imagine being greeted by the future every time you come home to YotelPad Miami. “At Yotel, we’ve always put technology at the heart of everything we do and we don’t just do it for the sake of it,” says Hubert Viriot, Yotel CEO. “To us, it has to be practical and functional and directly benefit either our guests or crew.” The two-compartment robot butlers are designed to ride the elevator and are capable of delivering loads up to 77 pounds including: beverages, food, treats, gifts, documents and more. In addition, they can be programmed to speak a variety of languages, dialogues and play digital files with music and voice recordings. During their downtime, the robots will roam the lobby, engage in conversation, play music and pass out treats. Designed and developed by robotics solutions company, Techmetics, the new service-oriented Techi robot butler will work side by side with staff to make deliveries  to  231  Pads  (residences)  and  222 Cabins  (hotel  rooms).  It  is  cleverly  automated  to  interact  with  people. The development  will  offer  studios,  one-  and  two-bedroom  residences with  prices  starting  in  the  $300,000  range. In addition,  owners  have  the  unique  opportunity  to  rent  their  residence  on  a  short-term basis  without  restrictions  and participate  in  a  short-term  rental  program. The robot will be located at YotelPad Miami’s sales gallery until the development’s completion, which is slated for 2020. There will eventually be 3 robot butlers, but you can swing by and say hello to “Lulu” now;