Robot Coach

Tennis technology has exploded with some exciting new gadgets and wearables, such as the PIQ Robot Tennis Swing Analyzer, which puts a virtual tennis coach on your wrist.

Tennis sensors are traditionally attached to the butt of your racket, built into the grip, while some sit on your strings and also function as vibration dampeners. The PIQ Robot Tennis Swing Analyzer offers a different option — one that attaches to your wrist to collect an amazing amount of information. This means that it can be used with any racket without having to reinstall the device. The water-resistant PIQ Robot gives you all the info you need including swing type, topspin, style and serve speed. The state-of-the-art nano-computer can analyze an amazing 195,000 data points per minute in real time. Important data is displayed on the device’s LED screen so you don’t need to check a connected smartphone as with most other devices. Plus, it can function as a multisport sensor and can be used for golf, skiing, boxing and kiteboarding by adding the appropriate accessories for each sport;