Rise Up!

Hydrofoil designs are used for commercial ferry boats that run from England to France (and used to run from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini). They are sleek, fast and sexy. Now you can have one, too.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | August 28, 2018 | Luxury
Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson

Yachtsmen have long been enamored of the “flying on water” aspects of hydrofoil vessels, but private hydrofoils were simply not available. Now, however, Enata Marine offers a true hydrofoil boat that is quite possibly the sexiest thing to ever get wet. At idle speed, the Foiler Yacht is a very sleek day cruiser, with a unique bow design that flows aft to a sensual, low-cut transom. At 18 mph speed, magic happens as she rises up on the carbon fiber wings, “flying” almost 5’ above the surface. With the majority of the hull above the water, the ride is glass-smooth, even in choppy seas.  As if the boat needed more elan, the Foiler is a diesel/electric hybrid, powered by twin 320-hp BMW diesel engines and twin electric motors, capable of 40+ mph speeds. Upon arrival, the hull eases back down and the transom opens like the tailgate on a Range Rover;