Ring Master

Susan Danis brings a passionate love for the arts to her work as the Florida Grand Opera’s new CEO.

“For me, the power that an opera singer possesses is beyond words,” says Susan Danis, the new CEO & General Director of Florida Grand Opera. Danis took the helm of the organization last October, and since then has been working hard to infuse new life into a much-loved Miami tradition. “I’ve been attending the opera since 3rd Grade,” she says. “Running an opera company is the perfect opportunity to marry my love of opera and the power of the human voice with my business acumen.” Danis has plenty of the latter, with over 20 years of experience in arts administration, including her most recent gig as Executive Director of Sarasota Opera, where she succeeded in doubling the company’s budget. She encourages those new to opera not to be afraid. “It’s like sushi,” she says. “You don’t know if you like it until you try it.”;