Ride Smart

Riding a motorcycle is an adventure, with sounds and smells magnified and the sense of freedom almost overwhelming. To make every ride a safe one, you need to schedule a session with Ride Like A Pro.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | September 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

Motorcyclists always look like they are having fun, and unless it’s a downpour, they are. To ride a motorcycle in Florida, you need an endorsement on your drivers’ license you can get via a DMV road test or by taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class. Most riders learn by riding, which is fine except for the fact that what works great on your Huffy doesn’t always work on a Harley. The solution is to attend a Ride Like A Pro course. The instructors make riding look easy, and it actually is if you pay attention to them. The classroom is an open parking lot you traverse while perched on your bike. Here’s Lesson #1: Your bike goes where you look. That can be safely in your lane on tight curves or zooming off a cliff at high speed. There are other lessons, but they all include #1. Every rider from the gnarliest biker to the guy who can’t spell Ducati but has one will benefit from the half-day course;