Rhythmic Impressions

Miami Symphony Orchestra’s recent concert, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, a performance curated by Ronit Neuman, would not have been the same without Eric Goldemberg’s “sonar sculptures”.
Words by Zelda Grant | December 24, 2022 | People

Artist & Architect Eric Goldemberg, an Associate Professor of FIU & Co-Founder of the prestigious MONAD Studio, designed the colorful and grandiose 3-D “Sonar Sculpture” instruments including futuristic renditions of a piano, lap guitar, xenophone, twin serpent, zhu, bichord, slide guitar and segmented bass guitar to resonate both with the innate lively musical expression of South Floridians and with their natural environment, often resulting in enigmatic objects inspired by the formal complexity of swampy mangroves, strangler fig trees and alien-looking coral reef creatures, all this executed with the biomorphic precision of industrial design robotics and the organizational, collaborative hive-mind of architects, artists, luthiers and musicians. “They propose a prosthetic integration with the human body whereby the human limbs and the web of parts of the 3D printed artifacts form a visceral entanglement, a seamless visionary integration of both human and natural domains aided by digital technology and sonic experimentation,” he says. “I believe in the power of rhythm as the pulsatile force informing all manifestations of life, representing the extension of our perceptual rhythmic capacity as well as the natural rhythms and cycles that allow us to breathe, walk, talk and procreate while developing empathy with all sorts of rhythms outside of our body.”;