Renaissance Man

Jordi Mollà is a self-trained artist for whom painting is an act of spontaneity. His works regularly surprise the viewer with both his ability to manage the media and power to express himself on canvas or paper.
Words by Stacy Wynn | March 29, 2022 | People

Spanish Actor, Artist, Writer, Filmmaker and Miami Beach resident Jordi Mollà began professionally exhibiting and selling his work more than 30 years ago. Over those decades, his art has been featured around the globe including Madrid, London, Rome, Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Mexico City, Los Angeles, New Your and Miami. Primarily a painter, he’s also created remarkable 3D works and fashion in his signature style. His film work is legendary (Bad Boys 2, Blow and many more) and he has been nominated thrice for a Best Actor Goya Award. His most recent endeavor is the new documentary The Private Lives Of Jordi & Domingo starring himself and Domingo Zapata, a Wall Street businessman turned award-winning artist. As the art world expands into the blockchain universe, he plans on releasing a Genesis NFT collection and bringing real-world utility into digital collectibles;