Reliable Classic

Classic English sportscars are like high-maintenance people: They run when they feel like it, they expect you to know why smoke is billowing from the dashboard and the doors pop open as you round a corner. Unless, of course, you get a Morgan.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | April 28, 2019 | Luxury

When American soldiers came home from WWII, they brought with them a love for French food, Italian women and English sportscars. The lines of an MG-TD can still make your heart skip a beat, but so can the aggravation incurred keeping them running. One venerable brand has the solution in the new Morgan Plus Six. The classic lines are there, from the super-long bonnet (the “hood” to us Yanks) to the gloriously open cockpit and a trunk barely large enough for an iPhone and charger cord. Practicality is not why you lust for in a Morgan — this is a car that makes every drive an adventure. The combination of a very light aluminum body and a BMW turbocharged inline six makes the Morgan a handful, with a top speed of 165. It has all the looks of the post-war classics, yet it will start every time and keep running even if it rains;