Regal Repair

When dealing with a high-price exotic or European vehicle, people’s first reaction when faced with a maintenance or repair issue is to head straight to the dealership.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 15, 2018 | Luxury

Unfortunately, dealers can be more interested in finances than customer well-being. Inflated bills as a result of unnecessary fluid flushes and premature, overpriced part replacements can make returning to your Maserati, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover or Ferrari dealership a punch to your pocketbook. When combined with their signature long turnaround times, taking your car to the dealership can be more trouble than it’s worth. On the other hand, dropping off an expensive and exotic vehicle to any shade-tree mechanic is also inviting trouble. Mechanics not familiar or equipped to service complicated components of high-priced foreign cars might end up doing more harm than good and end up charging just as much as the dealership until they identify the problem. Owning an expensive car is a responsibility, so I always suggest to my customers that they take their exotics and Europeans to third-party mechanics specifically trained to deal with such vehicles. At Advanced Auto Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on helping owners of high-value vehicles with their smallest and largest service and repair needs.

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Everyone knows their cars broadcast great depths about their personalities, but few people recognize their car’s scent does as well. Let the automotive aromatherapists break down your car’s scent profile.

While some might guffaw at your guileless odor choice, they’ll salute your devotion to the classics. Everyone knows that history was, above all, smellier than the present, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Rugged, wild and highly desired, the scent of pine is quintessential for a reason.

Okay, maybe you’re a tropical castaway of the mangroves. Why hide your pride? What’s more Miami than a car that smells lovingly of mixed drinks? Just make sure it’s the air freshener giving off such tipple-tainted aromas.

You’re only driving your spare car around because someone scheduled your cat’s tai chi class 6 miles from your 10 a.m. hacky sack seminar. What we love about car scents is that as long as they’re unabashedly you, they work.