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Rainbow Connection

Redecorating your home? Choosing the right colors isn’t just a matter of taste: Different hues have profound impacts on our mood, stress level and mental state. Match your intent for the room with the right shade by following the tips below.

1. Sunny Impact: Add YELLOW accents to your workspace. The sunny color is known for triggering optimism and idealistic responses, which can be a real asset when it comes to beating workplace stress.




2. Zen Out: Practice yoga? Paint and furnish that studio with soft GREY tones. The color is culturally associated with humility, stability and wisdom, making it a perfect choice for a meditative mood.




3. Energizing Accent: Too much is overpowering, but the right amount of RED accents in a room gives it a sense of excitement, energy and complete sensuality.




4. Hunger Game: Like to get creative in the kitchen? Boost the impulse with ORANGE cookware or tile. The color alludes to heat, playfulness and enthusiasm, and has been shown to trigger positive food associations and creativity.




5. Quiet Time: Where are you most likely to relax? Whether an outdoor retreat or interior space, using plenty of BLUE in the décor will help create a calming, peaceful effect that’s sure to calm your nerves in no time.




6. Impressive Option: You can’t go wrong with BLACK if you want your formal spaces to exude great taste, wealth and sophistication. It’s a color sure to get you the respect you deserve.




7. Youthful Tone: Add some GREEN tones to your bathroom or dressing room to create a sense of youth and vigor. Just don’t overdo it: Too much green could wash out the tones of your complexion.




8. PURE Elegance: When it comes to projecting an image of cleanliness, purity and simplicity, nothing beats the most basic color of all: WHITE. Use it as a base and complement it with light touches of other hues for a subtle mood-making effect.