Pure Pleasure

With news that the Challenger will become an EV with the 2024 model, the latest iteration takes on the persona of an endangered species.
Words by Bill Lindsey | October 27, 2022 | Luxury

When it was introduced in 1970, the Dodge Challenger became an instant hit, helped in no small part by a starring role in the movie Vanishing Point. For years, it ruled American highways until it was replaced by a Mitsubishi coupe wearing a Challenger badge. Dodge came to its senses in 2008, bringing back a “real” Challenger that not only looked like the original, but had a 425-hp Hemi on the list of optional equipment. The 2022 R/T Scat Pack model has a massive 6.4 liter 485-hp V8 linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission expressly made to converting gasoline into fun and tires into smoke. Make sure your insurance agent knows you chose the R/T instead of its quite possibly lethal 807-hp Hellcat sibling. The interior features two bucket seats, a vestigial rear seat, and a sound system the exhaust will overshadow if you drive it right. This is the end of an era, so get one while you can;