Private Security

Imagine personal protection with a twist (and a wagging tail!) — 24/7/365 security that gets along well with children, barks ferociously, and knows how to turn up the heat when things get real.
Words by Jorge Arauz | February 23, 2023 | Lifestyle

Each $125,000 Svallin Belgain Malinois, German Shepherd or Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog undergoes intensive training in obedience, stability, agility, socialization and protection from 8 weeks until 2- to 3.5 years of age when they are placed with their forever family. These dogs are trained to detect danger, using their ability to read biological rhythms and hormone spikes associated with anger, long before any violence occurs. They can’t be used against their owners like a knife or firearm, can’t be disabled like an alarm system, and are sweet and snuggly when you’re having a bad day;