President’s Brief

Happy New Year! A million thanks to the countless messages of encouragement and positive feedback regarding our premiere issue of this fantastic, aspirational publication. It has been so much fun for me to interact with the business figureheads (big and small) that make this city crank!
As I get to know more about our readers and advertisers, there’s one common theme to our conversations: We agree that despite the level of difficulty that it brings, we must stay positive in this temporary, economic quagmire. It will get better. Rather than lamenting over the state of the situation at hand, let’s focus on progressing. Commit to improving relationships, business, finances, health and schedules – all things that touch our lives on a daily basis.
While the rest of the country is thawing out and getting ready to welcome the new layer of spring pollen that will soon coat their windshields, we get to prepare for more consistent days of gorgeous weather, art and food festivals, a jam-packed social season, and countless opportunities to mingle and network with the thousands of interesting and talented people who live and work in this dynamic area. Every person we interact with can be our next business partner, friend or client. Creating the right relationships will mean the difference between success and failure.
If you’ve not really participated in our city’s booming art scene, 2009 is the year to start. If you continue to go to the same restaurants year after year, make this the year that you step out of the box and go to new places. If you haven’t made it a point to volunteer, put it on your calendar and try it at least once this year. Commit to being better, listening more, talking less, and getting more relaxation in your everyday life. Embrace a new hobby, help someone in need, become the person you aspire to be.
While much of the nation is in panic mode, there will be some who will recognize and maximize their opportunities, get creative and achieve a high level of success. The best part is that you get to read about them in this publication!
This is the year of “Grow or Die.” I know that sounds extreme, but it carries meaning in all aspects of life. Let’s rise up and be of more use than ever before. We need to matter to those around us. Not for the praise, but for the benefit it presents to all those we touch.

With “Warm Sunshine” Regards,

Jessica W. Cristobal

“It’s not how many deals you close; it’s how many relationships you open.”