President’s Brief

Text by Jessica Cristobal. Photo by Kate Benson | July 10, 2018 | Lifestyle

These days, while it is easy for us to get discouraged with the negative news that is infiltrating our daily inboxes, mailboxes and media outlets, we now have more incentive than ever to turn our attention toward becoming more physically fit, more socially and ecologically conscious and more healthfully aware than we ever have been. A mentor once told me, “If you want things to get better, YOU need to get better. If you want things to change, YOU need to change.” Now is the perfect time to put that mantra to use and aim to work harder on ourselves than ever before. My challenge to you for March and April is this: Turn down the volume and turn up the intensity. Create an environment that is clutter and chaos free, tranquil and healthy at home and at the office. Commit to being in the best shape of your life in what we are seeing as the most financially tumultuous time of our lives. Since we have little power over the overall state of the economy, tap into the power that we DO have — our inner strength, our attitude and our physical and mental well-being. It costs nothing to breathe fresh air and exercise outside, to read a daily positive message, or to filter out the mindless dribble that we listen to on our radios or watch on television. While we can’t always immediately fix what happens in the world, we are able to improve our relationships and intently focus on what really matters to each one of us. For me, something as simple as starting the day with my husband with a quick walk or jog outside along Brickell Avenue early in the still-dark morning is what helps me to prepare for a long day, and gives me the stamina that carries me well into the night. In this “Live Well & Prosper” Issue, you will find a plethora of ideas and options in our area that will help motivate and push you in countless positive ways. I encourage you to enjoy this lively city and try a new exercise class or a new healthy restaurant option each week — one that you’ve never considered trying before. Step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at how many treasures can be discovered here that will keep you fit, trim, vibrant and well-rounded!

With “Warm Sunshine” Regards,

Jessica W. Cristobal

“If you want things to get better YOU need to get better.”