President’s Brief

Jessica W. Cristobal, Photo by Jose Amigo | July 10, 2018 | People

Now more than ever, it is crucial for us to “Act as if.” If we want to flourish in our business and personal lives, we must act as if we already do. Hence, we focused this issue on the area’s “Dressed for Success” professionals. We arduously chose 10 locals who are considered fashion leaders among their peers, both in business and in their personal styles. Our original idea was to create a “Most Beautiful People” issue, as we do in our sister publication, Key Biscayne Magazine. However, once we started calling upon our nominees, we found that these business leaders were not as inclined to be featured in a way that showcased their “beauty.” Rather, when we decided to go with an idea that showcases personal and professional style that captures their business-acumen, it was well received. Why? Because the readers and featured individuals in this magazine are rainmakers in this city. They are action oriented, results driven and business savvy. They understand that first impressions do count, and that their success comes from decisions they make and the confidence they display. Their professionalism begins with how they present themselves, both figuratively and literally. Clothing is an extension of one’s character and professionalism, and our editorial team and photographer did a phenomenal job of capturing these individuals in a way that embodies their business intelligence and vibrant personalities.
A few years ago, when I worked in the yachting industry, I heard a poignant statement made by an uber-wealthy Japanese mega yacht owner (of 4 mega yachts and a Gulfstream jet). He was always dressed impeccably, even on weekends and in his ‘down time’. When a colleague complimented him on his fastidious style and asked him why he always looked so tailored, he said, “I have to dress well. I feel the need to look professional at all times….I can’t afford not to.” These days, we must present ourselves in a way that demonstrates positivity, success, professionalism and individuality. After all, perception is reality. What we project outwardly is what we embody. It is imperative that we continue to stay positive, confident and presentable at all times…we can’t afford not to!

With “Warm Sunshine” Regards,

Jessica W. Cristobal

“These days, we must present ourselves in a way that demonstrates positivity, success, professionalism and individuality.”