President’s Brief

These days, being social in Miami means spending quality time with quality people at quality places. We “recessionistas” have to be selective about how and specifically where we spend our free time. Gone are the days where velvet-rope-hopping, nouveau riche 20- and 30-somethings sought out the most flashy and most exorbitant spots to host their most glamorous acquaintances. Now it’s about sharing fun, happy, feel-good moments at your favorite hangouts with those whom truly add significance to your life.
Times like these have created a new revolution in food and entertainment venues. Restaurateurs understand that they must get creative with their marketing and offer inventive ways to cater to — and even spoil — their patrons, all while impressing their palates and seducing them with libations that are two parts excellence, one part economical.
In this issue, we re-introduce you to some of our favorite hotspots and share with you their concept for creating a venue that continually makes you feel welcome, offers the perfect ambiance and leaves you satiated and satisfied.
Recently, the aforementioned qualities have become increasingly important in my life. As my husband and I prepare for the coming of our first child this winter, we’re finding ourselves filling our free time scheduling dinners and sharing moments with those who hold true meaning in our lives. Soon our time will be (temporarily) occupied by a little bundle of joy. Until then, we are enjoying catching up and creating memories with those we adore at the places we love. Enjoy this “Social Issue” and visit the venues that are featured in this magazine. Tell them Brickell Magazine sent you! We’ll see you there!

With “Warm Sunshine” Regards,

Jessica W. Cristobal

“These days, being social in Miami means spending quality time with quality people at quality places.”