President’s Brief

Text by Jessica Cristobal. Photo by Jose Amigo | July 7, 2018 | Lifestyle

As we approach the height of the social season and start to prepare for the holidays and all the fun and craziness they bring, we must turn our attention to having an “attitude of gratitude” and to giving thanks to everything good (and bad) that we’ve experienced over the last year. While it’s easy to be thankful for the goodness that has come our way, even more challenging is our ability to look at setbacks as opportunities that shape our character, build our strength, and ultimately enhance our lives. In this inspiring issue, you will read about individuals who have ascended the ladder of success, but not without tenacity and a relentless will to defy odds, break boundaries and overcome great obstacles. We selected our cover person, Cesar L. Alvarez, not only because he is such a strong force in the Brickell area but also because he is so well-respected in our community. Since Brickell Magazine’s inception, there has been one common denominator that the personalities on our cover have all shared: They each have a strong sense of integrity, but more importantly, humility. They know that their journeys have been long and not without hardships, but it’s the people around them (good and bad) who have helped them become who they are. Please enjoy this issue and don’t forget to say “thank you” to those whom you interact with at work, at home…and especially those whom you might overlook. Often, people will rise up to be better at what they do simply because they are appreciated and noticed. I love the saying: “The difference between those who are ‘ordinary’ and those who are ‘extraordinary’ is that little ‘extra.’”

Be kind, be well and make an impact,

Jessica W. Cristobal

“Often, people will rise up to be better at what they do simply because they are appreciated and noticed.”