Power Know

Think your education can stop once you’ve got that degree framed on your wall? You might want to reconsider, especially in this tough job market where every bit of information you add to your brain will make you that much more valuable in the workforce and beyond.

Good Looker
Unemployed and looking for a new job? Completing additional training such as an executive or skill-building seminar looks great on your resume, and can be the factor that helps set you above some stiff competition. Happily employed? These days, there’s no such thing as job security — if you don’t keep learning, you’ll become obsolete.

Brain Expansion
As crazy as it sounds, continuing education might be valuable to you simply because you’ll actually learn something. You don’t need to make the commitment of enrolling in a degree program — regular training sessions and seminars for professionals in a wide array of fields are held regularly by some of the nation’s top universities.

Ladder Climber
Feeling stuck and stagnant in your current position? Expanding your educational horizons can also open up new doors for you career-wise, either climbing further up the ladder thanks to your new skills and training, or making it possible for you to step sideways into an interesting position that offers new and stimulating challenges.

The Benjamins
Last, but hardly least, gaining more credentials can make you worth a bit more money than what you’ve been earning. It’s a known fact that higher levels of education demand bigger salaries. As such, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that employees with a Master’s earn an average of $200 more per week than their Bachelor’s counterparts.