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Pop Rocks

A craftily curated collection of photographs by noted South Florida cultural archivist Ken Davidoff, “Miami Rocks: The Miami Pop Festival” takes a look at our city’s little-known relation to one of our nation’s landmark happenings.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | June 27, 2018 | Culture & Art

Perhaps the only downside to residing in a city perpetually expanding and excelling, a sad side-effect of our love affair with the modern is a shameful lack of love for our impressive roots. For instance, all those classic rock stars you’re in love with: Did you know that before they bestrode the soggy stage of Woodstock, the East Coast’s first rock festival was held at our very own Gulfstream Park? Taking a tantalizing (and rarely unveiled) look at such inimitable icons as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Fleetwood Mac and Chuck Berry as they interact in our very own backyard, “Miami Rocks” allows classic rock fans a chance to gaze with pride at South Florida’s contribution to some of our country’s richest musical traditions. “Few people know that this Miami Festival is the precursor to Woodstock,” said Jorge Zamanillo, Executive Director of HistoryMiami Museum. “Our own backyard led to that pivotal moment of Woodstock that changed Rock ‘n Roll history forever;”