Pony Power

Since the first Mustang rolled off the production line in 1964, drivers around the world have lusted after this American sportscar. More than 55 years later, the love affair is stronger than ever.
Words by Bill Lindsey | November 29, 2019 | Luxury

Reeling from the success of the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Motor Company Vice President Lee Iacocca decided to strike back with the sting of a Mustang. His car would be a practical 4-seater and would sell for a fraction of the Corvette’s price. In a stroke of marketing genius, he allowed buyers to order what amounted to a custom car. Coupes or convertibles could be powered by spindly 101-hp 6-cylinders or snarling 289-hp V8s. Ford sold 121,538 Mustangs in the first year or production, and Iacocca became a certified Car God. Ford has stayed true to the concept of “There may be many Mustangs, but this one is mine!” A kaleidoscopic color chart and power options ranging from the Earth-friendly 4-cylinder EcoBoost V6 to the “You’re gonna need more insurance…” supercharged 760-hp V8 allow full expression of personal preferences. Whether you opt for the track-ready Shelby GT or a more practical car, you can entrust to a teenager, there is truly a Mustang for every taste in 2020;