Picture Perfect

When it comes to turining scenic landscapes in the city into venerable works of art, very few photographers have an eye like Rafael Gonzalez. Whether you look at his work for inspiration or to add to your collection, he puts the magic back in The Magic City.
Text by Joe Oz  Photos by Rafael Gonzalez | May 22, 2018 | People

When Rafael Gonzalez picked up his first camera in 1970, he captured a masterpiece with his very first click. “My young niece was standing near a window and the light that was reflected in her face and hair caught my eye — something inside compelled me to capture that moment and I just couldn’t resist,” he says. “When I developed it, I knew I’d found my calling and I’ve been fine-tuning my craft ever since.” Today, his dramatic, contemporary landscapes and passionate flirtations with light and nature has made his work a favorite of fine art photography collectors around the globe. “Knowing that my work touches people so deeply that they are prompted to add it to their collections gets me very emotional,” he says. “There’s nothing quite like having your work find a place in someone’s home, where they can delight in it for the rest of their lives.”;