Philanthropic Awakening

Earlier this year, I received an email from a reader who had just moved to Miami and was inspired by our social pages and all of the causes we showcase in our Encounters section.
Words by Jorge Arauz | March 28, 2023 | Lifestyle

He said that he and his family were looking for ways to get involved in the community and wanted to reach out for suggestions. I was touched by his message and immediately jumped on a call with him. I gave him the lay of the land and shared a little bit about all of the non-profits our magazines support throughout the year as well as resources for volunteer opportunities and local meet-ups around town. I’m happy to report that just last week, he contacted me to let me know that he and his wife had attended their first gala, bid on their first silent auction item (and won!), adopted a rescue and spent several weekends doing beach cleanups with their kids. In the process, they met new friends who in turn introduced them to other opportunities to give back. Their new life in Miami has forever changed thanks to the power of giving. If you’ve been wondering how to tap into your own philanthropic spirit, don’t hesitate to take that first step. It will be the most rewarding decision of your life.