Perfect Timing

It’s no coincidence that Rolex timepieces have long been associated with yachting. The Yacht-Master II is a great example: The watertight, eminently robust “oyster” case protects a reliable and accurate movement that’s uniquely engineered for sailboat racing.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 12, 2018 | Luxury

The iconic Rolex Submariner is by all measures the perfect watch for harsh marine environments. However, sailboat racers live and die by a perfect start, in which they cross the start line neither too soon (and have to circle around) nor too late (in which they are at the back of the pack). The trick is to cross the line as the horn sounds, which demands a special timepiece. The all-new Yacht-Master II was designed specifically to provide a precise countdown to the start, allowing the skipper to know the precise moment to allow his bow to cross the start line. Featuring the world’s first programmable countdown function, this watch was created expressly for this scenario. Off the water, the Yacht-Master II, like other Rolex “professional” timepieces such as the Daytona and the GMT II, is a ruggedly handsome watch that is equally at home in the boardroom, the opera or your favorite BBQ place;