Perfect Fit

Forget Armani and Ralph Lauren. The most exquisite suit you can buy is one made specifically for you.
Text by Francesca Cruz | June 14, 2018 | Luxury

Want to buy a truly outstanding suit? Your first step is to book a plane ticket to London. Saville Row’s Anderson & Sheppard have been the tailors of choice for an A-list of image-forward celebrities from Laurence Olivier and Marlene Dietrich to Duke Ellington, and they continue to dress the world’s finest today. Walk into their shop and you’ll think it looks more like a library or a gentleman’s study than any menswear outlet you’ve seen before, and for good reason. All Anderson & Sheppard suits are bespoke tailored, specifically designed and built for the individual client — there’s nothing ready-to-wear or even made-to-measure here. Call or email to set up a fitting;