Pen With Purpose

The Meisterstück UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton 149 Fountain Pen isn’t just a work of art that would make any executive proud to sign a contract.

The sleek design features the first character learnt by children around the world in a creation that reinforces the universal nature of writing and the multi-cultural aspect of language. This hefty pen, with it’s even heftier $10,500 pricetag, was inspired by the world-famous Rosetta Stone, created in Egypt in 196 BC and used to this day to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. The delicately skeletonized barrel and cap are platinum-coated, and the Montblanc emblem is crafted of mother-of-pearl. The handmade Au750/18 K nib carries the first letter of the most used alphabets wordwide embossed in striking yellow and white gold. Montblanc has worked with UNICEF for the past 13 years, raising over $10 million for their educational programs — now that’s something to write home about;