Peak Performance

Graziela Carvalho Brillho sees the body as a high-tech perfect machine. Using it to its best and highest potential has always enchanted her, to the benefit of her clients and followers.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 29, 2020 | People

As a Personal Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Graziela Carvalho Brilho dedicates herself completely to the transformation, evolution and development of people through movement, integrating all the modalities that she works; always seeking, together with the client, to reach the goals and needs of each one. “Influencing and being able to serve people of any age, with different beliefs, experiences and lifestyles is incredible,” she says. “I have had students of all ages, and I learn in every single class with each one of them. Knowing how to deal with each situation, personalities and different tastes is challenging but very rewarding. Seeing a 94-year-old student with all their life experience trusting in my work, and doing his best is so thrilling.” She once had an 11-year-old pupil who said he wanted an 8-minute class. “I looked at him and said ‘Are you sure’?” she says. “When he said yes, I asked him to come with me and we started running around the entire condo. We stopped and did several exercises and ran out again. When we reached 8 minutes, I paused and said, we are done and you can go home. He threw himself on the floor, exhausted, and said ‘I’ll never ask for an 8-minute class again!’ And so, with these experiences, I keep evolving and learning more and more to be able to add to each client’s life.” Through her classes and blog, she’s reaching out to make a difference in the lives of more and more people, awakening in them their maximum potential, through their body and mind, helping them know how far they can really go; @GraziCarvalhoPersonal.