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Panorama Perks

Living at Panorama Tower has its privileges. Through its exclusive “Panorama Perks” program, residents enjoy unparalleled benefits and access to special events hosted by top-tier businesses across Miami.
Words by Yoshi Sanz | June 26, 2024 | Design & Real Estate

As an innovative initiative, Panorama Perks enables Panorama Tower’s partners — from trendy bars and upscale restaurants to luxurious spas and essential home services — to connect directly with a vibrant community of over 1,500 residents. Imagine enjoying a fine cocktail on the house at a local bar, participating in a complimentary yoga session from a premier fitness studio, or pampering a pet with high-quality grooming services — all within the comfort of a luxury apartment community. Panorama Perks partners are diverse, ranging from dining and nightlife to fitness and health, ensuring there’s something for everyone. By hosting events at Panorama Tower, these businesses gain exposure to a wide audience, while residents have the opportunity to discover what truly makes Miami unique. At Panorama Tower, luxury living extends beyond the walls with a commitment to enhancing the lifestyle of its busy residents, making every day as exceptional as their views of the skyline;