Pampered Life

When one imagines the life of ultra-affluence, private at-home massages, lavish dinner parties and personal helicopters nixing the Dixie Highway’s gridlock spring to mind. Scott & Angelique Gerow of 360 Concierge & Staffing make such daydreams a reality.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 15, 2018 | People

For those whose first, second or third home graces The Magic City, securely managing an estate in the country’s most southeast corner can be a nightmare. From restocking perishables to arranging reliable transportation; from arranging an event schedule to spending every evening cooking dinner for oneself and acquaintances, these minor vexations can make an already costly venture go sour. Scott & Angelique Gerow’s 360 Concierge & Staffing is equipped to push such woes to the wayside. Carry an inclination toward in-home massage therapy and skin, nail and hair services? Wish to while away the midnight hours in private banquets artfully crafted by acclaimed local chefs? Or perhaps you simply desire a home expertly kept, with an array of Earth-conscious cleaning chemicals and hotel-style turn-down service, an already well-stocked pantry for your arrival with a wide selection of your favorite consumables and your preferred scent perfuming the air? If you wish to enjoy Miami as it was meant to be enjoyed, this one-stop-shop won’t disappoint;