Only In Miami

When people say the best part of traveling is returning home, I can absolutely relate.

Exploring has always been part of my DNA: I’ve visited nearly 50 countries and more than 250+ cities throughout my life and I can say with absolute certainty that there really is no place on the planet like Miami. No matter where I find myself, when I say I’m from Miami, people smile. This issue is dedicated to what sets our Magic City apart. The inspiration came a few months ago when I received a call from a public relations firm in Ohio. They were pitching me a story on “out-of-this-world” amenities in the U.S. — among the “stand-outs” was a property with not one, not two…but THREE pools…another condominium had an atrium in the lobby with exotic plants including a hibiscus garden. I thanked her for the suggestions but explained we were looking for something a little more “wow” — rooftop helipads, robotic butlers, private superyacht marinas and even upper deck soccer fields, that sort of thing. She laughed and thought I was talking about Dubai, or Japan. “I’m referring to actual amenities in Miami,” I said. I think I heard her jaw drop. “You’re kidding me, right?!” “No,” I said, “You should come visit and see it for yourself!” That conversation was the catalyst for our main feature entitled “Amazing Amenities” — a tribute to our ever-evolving skyline and lifestyle. Because when Miamians say “There’s nowhere like home,” we really mean it.