Oh, Mona!

Patrons of both fine art and fine timepieces are sure to appreciate Corum’s breathtaking new “Bubble” watch created in collaboration with renowned artist Elisabetta Fantone that reimagines an iconic masterpiece.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 12, 2018 | Luxury

Van Gogh’s Mona Lisa is truly one of the worId’s most well-known and instantly recognizable paintings. But what if she were to be created today? Elisabetta Fantone answers that question with an updated and decidedly risqué Mona Lisa Corum Bubble Watch, complete with bared breasts, on the dial of a fine Corum watch. The limited-edition watch appropriately made its debut at the Louvre. On the Corum, she coyly looks out at the world through a gem-like trademark curved crystal that resembles the museum’s glass pyramid. Fantone has been described as this generations’ Andy Warhol for her ability to seamlessly blend vintage and current themes. Her works hang in the world’s most prestigious galleries as well as residences of celebrities including Celine Dion and the late-great Muhammad Ali. This innovative Corum provides a practical yet delightfully decadent way to enjoy a reimagined masterpiece in everyday life;