Ode To Miami

Miami is the best city in the world. I’ve traveled to more than 250 cities and 50+ countries and have had countless opportunities to relocate to any one of them at one point or another in my life and career, but I just can’t imagine living anywhere else.
Words by Jorge Arauz | October 27, 2022 | Lifestyle
Jorge Arauz
Jorge Arauz

 There’s a certain vibe the city has, a mysterious allure that’s hard to resist. In fact, even if you never travel anywhere else in your life, you’ll be able to meet people from every background, walk of life, religion, origin and industry who also call Miami home, or who come to visit. The cuisine is second to none and you can pretty much find any global fare you’re craving close to wherever you are. And if you’re into luxury goods, flashy cars and out-of-this world style, nowhere even comes close. Architecture? We’ve got plenty. Adventure? You bet. Entrepreneurial spirit? Check. The beaches, palm trees and sunshine are nice, too. If you ever find yourself contemplating a move out of Miami, pause and take a good look around. You may be surprised at what you see.