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New Heights

No press release, no advertising campaign, no maddeningly catchy motto could wring more amazement for the indefatigable industrial expansion that has swept across our financial district than the below pair of photographs taken from the mouth of The Miami River.
Text by Ryan Jarrell. Before photo courtesy of HistoryMiami; After photo courtesy of Marcelo Araica | May 10, 2018 | Culture & Art

One can’t help but wonder as to the mindset of William & Mary Brickell, the city’s original power couple, who built a house and trading post in 1871 on what would eventually be referred to as Brickell Point. They used the trading post as a way to befriend the hostile Native Americans who were slaughtering white settlers in the region. The natives would trek from The Everglades and spread blankets on the couple’s lawn to trade hides and fruits for gold, silver and trinkets. Can any dream ever evolve as quickly as the edifices that now dot the district? Only time will tell what the future will usher in.