Museum Worthy

Why settle for one piece of art on the wall when you can have an ever-changing gallery’s worth?

That’s the idea behind the breathtaking $20,000 77-in. “Picture-On-Wall” OLED display. Housed in a sleek casing that is a mere .23 in. thick to become “one with the wall,” it blends in against any surface, including high-tech wallpaper. Inside is a 4K resolution and active HDR with Dolby Vision for astonishing definition and contrast of the most complex paintings or photos. The “Picture-On-Wall”, which weighs in at a slender 27.1 lbs, also functions as a spectacular television or platform for recorded performance art with the included 4.2-channel speaker bar complete with Dolby Atmos. Best of all, the system is controlled via the aptly named Magic Remote;