Movie Vault

Got a serious motion picture addiction and tired of the clutter? Before you buy another DVD rack, splurge on the Kaleidescape 3U Server System. This innovative DVD player acts as a storage device for all your DVDs, converting your movies, office presentations and CDs into digital form. Afraid you have too many disks to upload? The 3U Server System holds up to 750 GB of space in fail-safe diskdrives so your content will never be lost. That means you can store about 1,340 DVDs or 15,000 CDs and it only takes up 5.25 inches of space! The best part, this syestem automatically catalogues and organizes your collection and makes them instantly available to watch in every room in your home or office. Following in the latest trend that smaller means inevitably more expensive, you can get one for $27,000 at