Mission Im-POSH-ible

A glamorous glimpse into Miami’s obsession with all things fashion, take a look back at the estimable history of one of the first Miami labels to put The Magic City on the map.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | August 28, 2018 | Fashion

One need not even visit the bustling byways of Brickell or sexy, sun-soaked South Beach to reckon with one undeniable fact: When it comes to fashion, Miami is no slouch. What is sometimes unknown to the many visitors of our scenic ciudad is that Miami’s deep-seated ties to the couture industry cut much deeper than most imagine. Exuberantly exhibited by the wife of famed Miami Modernist Architect Alfred Browning Parker and Mrs. John Lily, the devastating dresses on display at HistoryMiami are the product of the singular imagination of Jay Anderson, Designer & Owner of POSH, Inc., a Miami-based firm that boasts sales to all of the nation’s top department stores. Anderson’s imaginative designs and fabric combinations made POSH into the largest couture business in the Southeastern U.S. Closed down after Anderson’s retirement in the ‘80’s, fans of his inventive eye and undeniable skill carefully covet the pieces they’re fortunate enough to own;