Mindset Matters

Studies and experts the world over have touted the benefits of maintaining a positive mindset when it comes to just about every facet — and challenge — of life.
Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Mario Pascual. Location: Icon Brickell | June 21, 2018 | Lifestyle

Most of us would agree they’re right. That is, of course, if we’re part of the glass-half-full variety: the optimists, the sunny-side-uppers. But maybe those sulky folks with their glasses half empty are onto something. They’re realists who have an insatiable thirst to absorb all they can while squeezing every last bit of potential out of every opportunity. They’ve learned how to ration their resources and use them to the max. So what about your glass….is it half full or half empty? Perhaps the true secret to success is to avoid teetering toward one extreme or the other, but instead to meet somewhere in the middle. After all, the only thing we can all agree on is that regardless of how we interpret it, we all have the exact same amount of water in our glass. It’s up to each one of us to decide how — and when — we use it.

Jorge Arauz

“When it comes to business, anything’s possible…it just may not be that easy to establish the level of success you dream of — at least not right away.”

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