Mindset Evolution

In His New Book, W. Allen Morris shows you how to take the trials and challenges of life and launch a personal transformation toward your true calling.

As a high-profile business leader and businessman, W. Allen Morris almost lost everything. He received a brain tumor diagnosis, survived an airplane crash, experienced the betrayal of his counselor (who was also his best friend and wife), and confronted the moral failure of one of his respected mentors. Only after implementing the techniques that he teaches in his new book All In: How To Risk Everything For Everything That Matters did he truly thrive. His story is an inspiration as he shows readers how to turn those defeats into a personal gold mine. “First you need to get to a clear or healthy place in your life for you to discover or rediscover your passion,” he says. “What makes you come alive? What nurtures your soul and gives you deep joy? What do others say you do, that enriches their lives? Our highest purpose is serving others in a way that aligns with our gifts and passions.” What set him free was when he realized he needed to develop his “inner real estate” with the same passion with which he approached his commercial developments. “I wrote this book because I wish I had it at the start of my personal journey,” he says. “Each person can do this their own way, but we all need a safe guide to help us discover our blind spots: the truth about ourselves that is holding us back. That is both a one-time event and ongoing life process.” All In helps you discover and connect to your true calling while deeply reconnecting with your joy;