Miami Strong

In a city where beach bodies reign supreme and fitness goals shine brighter than the sun, get inspired by fit locals finding balance in paradise amid all the hustle-and-bustle.

Photography | Julio Carlos
Interviews | Jorge Arauz
Hair & Makeup | Cesar Ferrette @ Red Market Salon
Location | Brickell City Centre

Fabian Castillo

For Real Estate Investor Fabian Castillo, wellness is about much more than just being in perfect physical form. “Every morning I wake up and am reminded that meditation is the most powerful exercise there is — it’s the cleansing of the mind and soul,” he says. “Weights, cardio and sports are a sort of mediation of the body that invigorates me with a feeling of being connected to not only myself but to the world around me.” 

Claudia Sanz

Claudia Sanz of women’s concept fashion brand Green Grass Style knows the importance of a great first impression. That’s why, despite suffering from a shattered hip a few years ago, she continues to put wellness first. “Consistency always shows,” she says. “The objective is not just to look good on the outside but to feel great inside!”

Lisa Alli Wilbon

From competing professionally as an IFBB Professional Bikini Bodybuilder to inspiring others through her role as Operations Manager at Elev8tion Fitness, wellness has always been a cornerstone of Lisa Alli Wilbon’s life. “From track and cross country to basketball, swim, dance and gymnastics, my parents kept me busy as a child,” she says. “I have always believed that when the body is strong, the mind thinks strong thoughts.” 

Dr. Ray Lopez

Through his experience in the medical field, leading Miami Podiatrist Dr. Ray Lopez understands more than anyone how important it is to make your health a priority. “Establishing a healthy lifestyle begins with implementing a routine and schedule that you can stick to,” he says. “Wellness is a lifelong journey where you’re constantly adjusting and evolving in order to reach specific goals in ways that work for you.”

Christopher Vlaun

Fitness has always been an equilibrium to Christopher Vlaun’s creative side. The Co-Founder of V Art of Wellness and the Vlaun Method moved to Miami in 2005 for a Creative Director role in the film industry before shifting gears and focusing on fitness full-time. “Our bodies are literally our vessels,” he says. “What we manufacture within is what we should strive to deliver and project — inspiration, creativity and good vibes.”