From the time Mary Keel was a child, she knew she was put on Earth to do her part to save it. Today, she’s realizing her dream with her eco-friendly brainchild, 305Green.
Text by Jorge Arauz Photo by Dina Molinary | July 12, 2018 | People

Going green has never been easier in the Magic City since 305Green graced our sunny utopia to ensure that our land, sea and air are as appealing as our year-round tropical weather. “Our goal is to showcase green options, services and products to the public in order to allow others to learn the simplicity of living a green life,” says Keel. “Just a few short months into our endeavor and already we’ve had lots of positive feedback and enthusiasm. Most people that have heard of us can’t wait to be involved.”
To do her part and complement her business, half of her personal skin and beauty products are organic, the majority of the produce she consumes is bought organically and she makes sure she only cleans her house with Eco Sense products.
“I always try to keep myself informed about the innovative things organizations and corporations are doing to implement green practices into their business model,” she says. “I think that knowing who is doing what in terms of eco-friendly steps has a hugely positive impact on my feelings toward that brand or product.”
Additionally, 305Green is aiming to give back to the community by allowing green businesses to showcase their products and services to South Florida residents looking to take their lives, communities and the planet to the next level. Currently, 305Green has teamed up with South of Fifth & The Islands to work on green initiatives on Fisher Island and the surrounding enclaves. They are also working on approaching schools throughout South Florida to launch programs that will help educate the next generation. “Our goal is to move through the state of Florida and then into key cities throughout the U.S. including Austin, Boston, San Diego, North Carolina and several others.”
On, Keel and her team have created categories for green products and services, such as GreenMotive, which will cover everything having to do with hybrid vehicles, special Earth-friendly city transportation options, and electric and hybrid rentals. “I’m a believer in educating people about a cause rather than telling them what to do,” she says. “It’s important to note that there’s no right or wrong way of being green. What matters is that you are consciously and consistently doing your part in whatever way you are most comfortable with.”
As she spreads her vision, Keel admits that many people are still hesitant to launch their own green revolution. “I think the biggest misconception with green initiatives is concerns regarding cost,” she says. “The irony is that it’s way more cost-effective in the long-term to go green and I believe that mindset is starting to shift as people become more educated about little things they can do to make a big difference.”