Mellifluous Sounds

Von Henry’s voice strikes a superlative balance between power and sensitivity, passion and polish. And her fans love her for it.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | November 28, 2018 | People

South Florida native Von Henry was introduced to music by parents who always had it playing in the background. She grew up listening to the likes of Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald. “That’s why I find it amazing and highly flattering when people compare me to my idols,” she says. Von Henry has been singing professionally for 15 years and has performed at various events and celebrations all over South Florida. Customers at The Luna Star café, Cote Gourmet and many other venues throughout South Florida have also enjoyed her velvety pipes. Currently she’s at John Martin’s in Downtown Coral Gables with her jazz trio during the occasional Wednesday night and her more eclectic group Funk Pedal on some Saturday nights. You can also check out her jazz trio at the Betsy Hotel on South Beach; Facebook: VonHenryJazz.