Mediterranean Inspirations

It’s the cradle of Western civilization, and still a source of powerful inspiration to some of the world’s finest watchmakers. Check out this pair of stunningly different timepieces, each a brilliant tribute to the Mediterranean world.

Hail, Conqueror!
He was the king who took the greater part of the known world for his own: Alexander The Great. This brilliant hero of ancient history serves as the inspiration for Ulysse Nardin’s gorgeous Alexander The Great Limited Edition Timepiece. The centerpiece of this beautiful rose gold piece are the hand-crafted figures of the great king himself, along with a host of finely detailed warriors, who do battle on the minutes, quarters and hours; Ulysse-Nardin.Ch.



Timeless Spectrum
A breathtaking arrangement of glittering color adorns the cover of Bulgari’s beautiful new Mediterranean Eden women’s timepiece. Rays of diamond link bold cabochons of amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, peridot and topaz framed by a rose gold case and black satin strap. Open the cover to reveal an elegantly simple dial of arabesqued mother-of-pearl. The total result is a piece that gorgeously captures the luxurious, unpretentious spirit of Mediterranean living;