Meditate On This…

It’s been proven that stress accumulates in your nervous system and spreads throughout the body, affecting it in numerous negative ways. Meditation is the tool that can help find balance and an infinite amount of adaptable positive energy.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

Haunted Past
A stress response that may have happened years ago can flare up by something that may seem insignificant and suddenly, out of nowhere, you might feel anxious or agitated. We aren’t consciously aware of why we’re suddenly feeling this or what past stress response has been awakened, but we should try to get in touch with whatever it is.


Chemical Reaction
When we meditate correctly, the mind gets flooded with an abundance of bliss chemicals (dopamine and serotonin which are alkaline in PH) and rids the body of those pesky stress chemicals (adrenaline and cortisol which are acidic in PH). By riding ourselves of stress, we evolve into the greatest versions of ourselves.


Inside Job
Once we access our reservoir of fulfillment within, we become less needy. This applies to all our relationships, whether romantic or plutonic. We might desire a life partner, but if we’re showing up to that relationship having an expectation that they are the answer to our prayers and will make us happy, we’re setting ourselves up for major disappointment.

Our body stores all of our stress responses throughout our entire life in its cellular memory. Meditation allows for the body to experience the deepest form of rest far better than good quality sleep…and the positive side effect are, in turn, that we release deep-rooted stress and anxiety. When given the opportunity to rest, our body has the natural ability to heal itself and recover from the negative impacts of stress. When we’re well-rested, we gain greater clarity and focus, making us more efficient in all that we do. A task that might have taken 5 hours to complete, for an individual that incorporates regular meditation as a practice, takes half that time. This is because, during our waking, sleeping and dreaming state, our left and right brain are operating at different rates. When we meditate, both the left and right sides of our brain work in unison. In other words, meditation awakens the full potential of the mind. It’s a reset button for your day. When we take a moment to rest the mind and body, we emerge revitalized, with greater clarity and ready for anything life has in store. By having deep rest, the mind becomes more orderly, creative and innovative. When we meditate regularly, we’re able to access our right brain with our eyes wide open.

› Sabina Padilla is a Vedic Meditation Teacher and Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Wellness Coach who hosts traditional Living Tea Ceremonies in Miami, Los Angeles & Portland. She’s passionate about empowering her clients by providing them with the tools they need to transform their lives and heal their minds, bodies & spirits;