Mask Up

RYST was created with active and social lifestyles in mind. Each original wristband face mask is handmade with pride using high-end, bio-based, inherently bacteriostatic materials.
Words by Anja Maltav | March 26, 2021 | Lifestyle

Invented in the early summer of 2020 by two friends, Gianpaolo Blower and Geraldine Fortier, at the core of RYST is a simple idea: In a world where face masks have become an integral part of daily life, we could all greatly benefit from a more functional product designed for everyday life. “Through research it became clear that the average face mask available on the market was quite unpractical for life,” they say. “It’s easy to misplace, easy to drop on the ground, easy to forget throughout the day, and difficult to keep clean.” While managing their existing businesses during a time of serious economic downturn, the two entrepreneurs came up with the idea, started a new company for it, and set out to conceptualize, design, prototype and produce their product. RYST is a versatile accessory that can be worn as a wristband or looped around a backpack, handbag, golf bag and even a belt loop. “When a mask is needed, it only takes a few seconds to turn RYST from wristband to face mask — and the process is very simple,” say the creators. “When finished, it only takes a few seconds to close and loop around again.” Another unique feature is the proprietary zipper pouch which was designed to keep the mask protected and clean when not in use. Each RYST is manufactured in Portugal with high-quality performance materials that were selected, wear-tested and sourced from Italy, France and Portugal. “There is true pride that goes into the craftsmanship of every single mask, and the passion we have for the product clearly shows through its quality, performance and aesthetic,” they say. “RYST was imagined for life, designed for simplicity and engineered to last.”;