Marriage Magic

Something happened the day my wife and I said “I Do”…in an instant, we symbolically became one and all of a sudden life was ours for the taking.
Words by Jorge Arauz | January 30, 2021 | Lifestyle

We had no idea what we were in for! From finding the perfect home, to combining (and editing out!) our worldly possessions, to making sure we made romance a priority in our respectively hectic lives, nothing truly prepares you for lawfully wedded bliss like actually getting hitched! So it’s come to be that throughout the years we have consciously strived to put the other’s feelings before our own; to sacrifice and compromise; and to learn to live together happily ever after. As vast as our experiences have been, there are plenty of similarities and common interests we share. We love learning, growing and exploring. We both appreciate art, nature, travel and everything culinary. We are both very spiritual, driven and have a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial edge. More importantly, we make each other laugh ALL THE TIME and we never go to bed angry. We wake up every morning and reach for each other before we grab our phones or get distracted by our endless to-do lists and continuous wave of deadlines. Our love keeps us going — it’s what inspires us, supports us and serves as a solid foundation for all the other aspects of our lives. Without the other, we would only reach half of our potential, half of our joy, experience only half the journey. My spouse is much more than my wife, she is my life. And I can’t imagine going through this wild adventure without her. Fate, destiny, luck — whatever brought us together, we don’t take a single second with each other for granted. Life is much too short to not spend it in love — and true love stories never have endings.