Mane Master

The British royal family turns to him for all things coiffure. Sean Donaldson is not just a maestro when it comes to tresses — he has the esthetic eye of a surgeon. This blithesome Scot considers hair the ornamentation you never take off — it’s your essence and part of your personality. So mastering your mane is a must.

Basic Approach
First and foremost: “Your stylist should look at the following things: Your body type, height, face shape, neck length, shoulders and hair texture.”
Why it’s necessary: “This is how a professional can determine the hairstyle that will best suit you based on your particular features.”
The outcome: “Your hair will embellish your individual beauty.”

Also Address…
Next: “What is your skin tone and color? This determines the appropriate hair color to apply to make your skin luminous, and your eye color pop.”
Basic considerations: “What’s most important, most paramount when deciding on your image is the hair cut and color”
Drum roll, please: “The right color and cut can make you appear more youthful, and how you feel about your hair affects your self-esteem.”

Face Shape
Third step: “Study your face and opt for a professional that understands what haircut and styles go best with the shape of your face.”
Examples? “Bangs are very much in, but a rounder face needs a more delicate approach to bangs; with a square face, you’d do soft round bangs from a side-part down until it hits the jawline. With a long face, straight bangs with rounded edges work best — think Heidi Klum.”
Listen up: “The wrong bangs can add volume to a face that might need just the opposite.”

Create The Image
Final step: “Consider your lifestyle and personality, discuss this with your stylist and bring a few examples of what you like to better grasp the idea of what you need and desire.”
This is one of the most important considerations: “Your lifestyle determines how much time you have to spend on your hair and what is best for the life you’re living.”
Sweet serenity: “Once you achieve the look and image you want, this will naturally spill into how you carry yourself…and how you feel about yourself sparks self-esteem. Hair is smoke and mirrors. Ask yourself: What do you need to emphasize and what do you need to conceal? Arm yourself with knowledge and leave the rest of it up to a good stylist.”