Major Impact

Even if you live in a “No Pets” apartment or your furry household is full, you work long hours or have allergies, you can still have a huge impact in the life of a shelter dog.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 23, 2022 | Lifestyle

There are many ways to help your local pet shelter in addition to Time, Talent & Treasure. Many rescue operations survive solely on fundraisers and private donations. GoFundMe advises orgs to be specific when asking for donations, and to provide a breakdown of typical costs for supplies on the animal shelter donations list — or whether you’re raising money for veterinary costs or a specific shelter improvement — so donors know exactly how and where they can contribute. Also, contributing supplies such as old dog crates, blankets, towels and cleaning supplies is a huge help. Volunteer opportunities range from taking dogs on walks and/or cuddling, helping out at adoption events and donating special skills. Think outside the dog crate! You can also become a lifesaving foster parent or send mailers, write newsletters, manage the shelter’s website or social media presence, all without leaving home. Even sharing lost and stray dogs with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages can make a huge difference, as can starting crowdsourcing fundraisers for specific causes.