Hands have been the most important tool for mankind throughout history. This is especially true in the fine art that is the creation of Prosecco Foss Marai, where the grapes are harvested by hand in a rigorous and refined process.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | March 9, 2018 | Luxury

Excellence is not something distant and accessible, it’s a practical concept, a daily commitment. Nothing is more contagious than enthusiasm and passion. The creation of the award-wining Prosecco from Foss Marai has its origins in the fields of Valdobbiadene, Italy, from the hands of the growers who carefully and with deep commitment to the quality of the procedure manipulate the grape as the great treasure and work of art that it is. As the only remaining Valdobbiadene winery that maintains its family-owned traditions and experiences, Carlo Biscotto and his family have led Foss Marai to play a prestigious role as a representative of Italian wine excellence. Their Prosecco, one of the best expressions of international sparkling wine production, is a favorite with men and women with a strong zest for life, who recognize the value of beauty in the here & now and know how to enjoy life’s enchanted moments, one sip at a time;;