We teamed up with Switchboard of Miami’s Women’s Leadership Council to auction off some of South Florida’s most eligible bachelors on Feb. 12th at Conrad Miami. These guys run the gamut from CEOs and entrepreneurs to lawyers, bankers, realtors, national heroes and every profession in between. Although their stories, style, tastes and experiences are varied, the one thing they all have in common is that they’re single and ready to mingle. Flip the page to meet a few guys you should have on your radar whether you’re looking for love or some new successful contacts in the city.
Interviews by Erbi Blanco-True Photography by Gert Rodon; | June 19, 2018 | People

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1. NORM CALDWELL Age: 43 Profession: Wealth Management Advisor @ Height/Weight: 6’1/175 Hobbies: Teaching Sunday School, beach volleyball, yoga, painting, traveling Fun Fact: He’s lived in 10 states and 15+ U.S. cities Perfect First Date: Lunch, relaxing poolside, couple’s massage Ideal Woman: Honorable Secret: “I love to snuggle!”

2. ARNALDO CANTERO III Age: 31 Profession: Investor & Commercial Broker @ Barlington Group; Height/Weight: 5’9/180 Hobbies: Leadership, entrepreneurial ventures, community service Fun Fact: He’s an adrenaline junkie Perfect First Date: An engaging & fun experience Ideal Woman: Passionate Secret: “I cried during The Notebook!”

3. RICARDO TAÑO FEIJOÓ Age: 52 Profession: CEO @ RTF Int’l Business Development, Inc.; Height/Weight: 6’5/205 Hobbies: Traveling, sports, cooking, dancing, reading Fun Fact: He dances until 4 a.m. almost every weekend Perfect First Date: Dinner by the water and dancing until 4 a.m. Ideal Woman: Dancer Secret: “I was a semi-professional skateboarder in Brazil and traveled Latin America in the ‘70s competing.”

4. BRENT SIBLEY Age: 31 Profession: Attorney @ DKS Law; Height/Weight: 6’0/180 Hobbies: Golf, poker, basketball, biking, stock market Fun Fact: He’s lived in Sin City Perfect First Date: A Heat game or a bike ride Ideal Woman: Sophisticated Secret: “I’m addicted to Apple products!”

5. BROCK A. METCALF Age: 29 Profession: Sr. Regional Account Executive @ Vantiv; Height/Weight: 6’2/205 Hobbies: Paddling, dragon boat racing, fitness, travel Fun Fact: He loves to cook and knows his way around a kitchen Perfect First Date: Out-of-the-box, adventurous and outdoors followed by a relaxing dinner and a great bottle of wine. Ideal Woman: Humble Secret: “Secrets aren’t free…”

6. CARLOS F. MIRANDA Age: 29 Profession: Commercial Real Estate Broker @ Fausto Commercial Realty Consultants; Height/Weight: 5’10/175 Hobbies: Living passionately, aggressively, sometimes foolishly and always uniquely Fun Fact: He’s more interested in hearing his date’s fun fact Perfect First Date: It’s all about the people involved, not the itinerary Ideal Woman: Inspiring Secret: “Clearly, anyone who asks is completely unfamiliar with the concept of a secret!”

7. CHARLES V. WEST Age: 34 Profession: Accountant @ Berkowitz Pollack Brant; Height/Weight: 5’9/185 Hobbies: CrossFit, philanthropy, running, cycling, playing guitar, movies Fun Fact: His band was the opening act for Soul Asylum before they made it big Perfect First Date: Tapas, wine, leisurely walk, bright moon Ideal Woman: Passionate Secret: “I love to bake!”

8. DARYL L. JONES Age: 57 Profession: Attorney @ The Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones; Height/Weight: 6’1/190 Hobbies: All sports, smooth jazz, dancing, theater, politics Fun Fact: He was a middle-weight boxing champ at the U.S. Air Force Academy Perfect First Date: Dinner, a show & dancing Ideal Woman: Wonderful Secret: “I ran for Governor of Florida in 2002!”

9. DYLAN HERMELEE Age: 27 Profession: Attorney @ Hermelee Law PL; Height/Weight: 6’3/190 Hobbies: Going for runs with my 2 dogs, kiteboarding, boating, cooking, kickball Fun Fact: He was a Division I First Team All-Conference track athlete in college Perfect First Date: Great conversation, beautiful location, deep connection, laughter & fun Ideal Woman: Asombrosa Secret: “I actually enjoy watching romantic comedies!”


11. DANIEL SILVA Age: 32 Profession: Business Owner @ The Goldtrader; Height/Weight: 5’10/185 Hobbies: Boxing, chess, martial arts, reading Perfect First Date: Laughter, fun, mutual connection, good conversation Ideal Woman: Free-spirited Secret: “I’m going to change the world!”

12. ROBERT BAND Age: 54 Profession: CFO & Managing Principal @ CFO & Co.; Height/Weight: 6’1/172 Hobbies: Being happy, expanding my horizons, exercising, dancing, cooking Fun Fact: He won a “Sexy Man” contest on a cruise Perfect First Date: A drink, then dinner, then walk, talk & explore Ideal Woman: Evolved Secret: “I grew up in the Westchester area of Miami, and being a gringo, I consider myself a Latingo!”

13. EDUARDO F. MARTINEZ Age: 39 Profession: Sales Manager @ Medicis; Height/Weight: 5’7/172 Hobbies: Family, fishing, playing sports, cooking, traveling Fun Fact: He talked his way into the Cannes Film Festival without a ticket Perfect First Date: Dinner by the water, listening to music and laughing together Ideal Woman: Soulmate Secret: “I watched The Notebook…twice!”

14. ERIC HUSKEY Age: 27 Profession: Commercial Real Estate Assoc. @ Colliers Int’l; Height/Weight: 6’0/195 Hobbies: Scotch, exercise, narrative history Fun Fact: He wears bikini bottoms at the beach Perfect First Date: Something low-key and public…for his safety, of course! Ideal Woman: Honorable Secret: “When no one’s around, I like to watch romantic comedies, and sometimes I even cry!”

15. MICHAEL WAITE Age: 29 Profession: Commercial Real Estate Broker Height/Weight: 6’0/215 Hobbies: Diving, boating, jetskiing, kiteboarding, traveling Fun Fact: He’s a people person Perfect First Date: He says he likes girls who are too busy to date! Ideal Woman: Good values Secret: “I’m a high school wrestling coach!”

16. JAYSON MILNER Age: 32 Profession: Chiropractor @ Height/Weight: 5’11/205 Hobbies: Basketball, football, tennis, reading, spending time with family & friends Fun Fact: He grew up in Puerto Rico Perfect First Date: Great chemistry, interesting conversation, nice wine and good food Ideal Woman: Confident Secret: “My morning ritual is to meditate and get silent before starting the day!”

17. JONATHAN GOMEZ Age: 25 Profession: Army National Guard Height/Weight: 5’11/190 Hobbies: Watching The Heat, working out, skydiving, scuba diving Fun Fact: Some people think he’s someone famous Perfect First Date: Good vibe, laughter, attraction, similar interests Ideal Woman: Amazing Secret: “It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you…”

18. DEREK DILBERIAN Age: 31 Profession: Attorney @ Morgan Lewis & Bockius; Height/Weight: 5’8/160 Hobbies: Tennis, playing guitar, college football, road trips Fun Fact: His band was briefly the #1 requested unsigned band in Dublin, Ireland, last year Perfect First Date: Dinner on Lincoln Road before heading to an ‘80s-themed bar Ideal Woman: Laughs Secret: “I can’t resist saying jinx when someone says the same thing I do!”

19. IVAN MENDOZA Age: 37 Profession: Private Client Advisor @ Alliance Bernstein; Height/Weight: 6’4/245 Hobbies: World Cup, live music, soccer, non-fiction, international travel Fun Fact: When dining with friends, he’s the one trusted to pick the wine Perfect First Date: A 5-course meal with wine pairing and great conversation Ideal woman: Confident Secret: “I’m extremely ticklish!”

20. JOHN TYLER WYANT Age: 32 Profession: Commercial Real Estate @ Studley; Height/Weight: 6’0/180 Hobbies: Miami Heat, University of Kentucky Basketball, music, boating, golf, working out Fun Fact: He has rhythm Perfect First Date: Veuve Clicquot, dinner, dessert, dancing, night cap Ideal Woman: Honest Secret: “You can see my charisma from outer space!”

21. JOHNNY TODD Age: 37 Profession: Director of Community Marketing @ Yelp; Height/Weight: 5’11/180 Hobbies: Writing, fine dining, traveling, reading, comedy Fun Fact: He sang at Bill Clinton’s 1st Inauguration Perfect First Date: A cooking class with white wine, sweet desserts and many laughs Ideal Woman: Intelligent Secret: “I’m shy.”

22. JONATHAN COOK Age: 31 Profession: Dentist; Height/Weight: 6’0/185 Hobbies: Reading, playing basketball, painting, working out Fun Fact: He has a twin Perfect First Date: To have a connection & laugh a lot Ideal Woman: Loving Secret: “I’m a germaphobe!”

23. IVAN RUSILKO Age: 28 Profession: Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine @ Independent Int’l Concierge Physician; Height/Weight: 6’0/185 Hobbies: Photography, writing, guitar, hockey Fun Fact: He won Mr. USA twice and he’s an erotic romance author Perfect First Date: Good wine, great company and lots of laughter Ideal Woman: Humorous Secret: “When it comes to women, I’m very shy!”

24. RENE GOMEZ Age: 43 Profession: CEO @ Suncoast Medical Network; Height/Weight: 6’0/205 Hobbies: Kickball, gym, boating, dancing, happy hour Fun Fact: He can free-dive 50 feet Perfect First Date: A picnic at the beach Ideal Woman: Sharp Secret: “I cried watching Titanic.”

25. LORENZO ROSSI Age: 31 Profession: Account Executive @ Comcast; Height/Weight: 6’1/210 Hobbies: Community events, sports, outdoor activities, closings Fun Fact: He’s an amazing dancer Perfect First Date: Drinks outside with music Ideal Woman: Aggressive Secret: “I love showtunes!”


27. WILLIAM BRADY Age: 43 Profession: Attorney/Partner @ The Law Offices of William Brady, PA; Height/Weight: 6’0/200 Hobbies: Tennis, basketball, camping, traveling, fishing, boating Fun Fact: He likes to leave on trips without telling anyone and pretend he’s on a secret mission Perfect First Date: A quiet dinner with a bottle of wine followed by a loud rock concert Ideal Woman: Patient Secret: “I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was 17 and in college!”

28. SARKIS ANAC Age: 27 Profession: Real Estate Broker @ La Playa Properties Group; Height/Weight: 6’0/178 Hobbies: Modern art, running, soccer, skydiving Fun Fact: He only wears bowties Perfect First Date: Lots of laughter and stone crabs Ideal Woman: Sarcastic Secret: “I’ve never carved a pumpkin for Halloween and I’m not happy about it!”

29. ADAM EFFERTZ Age: 38 Profession: Dir. of Community Partnerships @ Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Miami; Height/Weight: 6’2/185 Hobbies: Skateboarding, traveling, tennis, golf, music Fun Fact: He won the Minnesota State Ice Skating Competition when he was 5 Perfect First Date: Interesting conversation, good food & drinks Ideal Woman: Loving Secret: “I’ll share a secret with the woman who has the highest bid!”

30. TRAVIS DAVIS Age: 23 Profession: Marketing Director @ Advanced Pharma; Height/Weight: 5’10/190 Hobbies: Making music, MMA competing, graphic novel collecting, personal training Fun Fact: He’s an adrenaline junkie Perfect First Date: Good conversation over food at a live performance venue like a comedy club Ideal Woman: Confident Secret: “My first official job in Miami was as a go-go dancer!”

31. PIETER BOCKWEG Age: 38 Profession: Executive Director @ Miami Community Redevelopment Agency; Height/Weight: 5’11/205 Hobbies: Spending time with his son, golfing, tennis Fun Fact: He speaks 3 languages Perfect First Date: Candlelit dinner by the water with great wine Ideal Woman: Confident Secret: “I have 4 tattoos!”

32. RICH SCHUCHTS Age: 42 Profession: Commercial Real Estate @ SQFT Capital; Height/Weight: 6’0/190 Hobbies: Technology, poker, travel, history, walking on the beach Fun Fact: His colleagues, partners & friends tell me he’s a pain, but they seem to love him anyway Perfect First Date: A relaxing beachside meal with great conversation, wine & music Ideal Woman: Real Secret: “I have the cutest son you could ever imagine!”

33. STEPHEN KILBY Age: 52 Profession: Fire Chief @ Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Height/Weight: 6’0/187 Hobbies: Travel, sports, fitness Fun Fact: He likes to laugh and to make others laugh Perfect First Date: Amazing laughter, communication & chemistry Ideal Woman: Total Package Secret: “I’m sentimental and enjoy the occasional chick flick.”

34. RICHARD L. GREENFIELD Age: 32 Profession: Real Estate Broker @ Related ISG; Height/Weight: 5’10/170 Hobbies: Beach, fishing, golf Fun Fact: He’s been on TV a couple of times Perfect First Date: Great conversation under the stars Ideal Woman: Confident Secret: “I love candy; I always make sure to keep a stash at my desk!”

35. THOMAS ARONICA Age: 29 Profession: CEO @ Skybank Financial; Height/Weight: 5’11/185 Hobbies: Networking, traveling, sporting events Fun Fact: He loves spontaneous adventures Perfect First Date: A round of miniature golf followed by cocktails Ideal Woman: Passionate Secret: “I’m a hopeless romantic!”

36.David Berry Age: 28 Profession: Writer @ Height/Weight: 5’8/170 Hobbies: Boxing, writing, basketball, volunteering Fun Fact: He was named Miami Children’s Hospital’s “Volunteer Of The Year” Perfect First Date: An outdoor tapas restaurant with conversation for hours Ideal Woman: Passionate Secret: “I’ve broken 14 bones!”

37. ROBERT DIXON Age: 33 Profession: Attorney @ The Law Offices Of Robert Dixon; Height/Weight: 6’2/175 Hobbies: Soccer, travel, music, Gator football Fun Fact: He cage-dived with Great Whites in South Africa Perfect First Date: A nice dinner in South Beach Ideal Woman: Classy Secret: “A gentleman never tells!”

38. KEN SCHOENI Age: 29 Profession: Banker @ Banesco USA; Height/Weight: 6’2/175 Hobbies: Family, friends, outdoors, sports teams from Cincinnati Fun Fact: He spent a few years playing professional soccer Perfect First Date: An interactive activity & good conversation Ideal Woman: Balanced Secret: “My 5-year-old daughter is my #1 priority!”

39. MATT TOBIN Age: 30 Profession: Assistant Director of Sales @ Conrad Miami; Height/Weight: 6’3/205 Hobbies: Traveling, exercise, spending time with his niece & nephew, getting to know new people Fun Fact: He shares a birthday with Elvis Perfect First Date: A fun, adventurous, romantic, engaging time Ideal Woman: Intelligent & Beautiful Secret: “It’s called a secret for a reason!”

40. MICHAEL LEISER Age: 23 Profession: VP @ Flagler Investment; Height/Weight: 5’11/215 Hobbies: Rebuilding his ’71 Hemi Convertible Challenger, the arts, cliffdiving Fun Fact: He’s seen The Notebook 10 times Perfect First Date: Dinner, skinny-dipping, wine…in no particular order Ideal Woman: Humorous Secret: “I rescued my best friend, Ray Ray, the sweetest English Pointer you’ll ever meet!”

41. SHAY POPE Age: 37 Profession: Commercial Real Estate & Senior Managing Director @ Newmark Grubb Knight Frank; Height/Weight: 5’9/160 Hobbies: Snowboarding, paddleboarding, boating Fun Fact: He loves to laugh and not take life too seriously Perfect First Date: Stimulating conversation with lots of laughing in a non-traditional environment Ideal Woman: Loving Secret: “I was an adult the first time I had sex!”

42. WILL MORRISON Age: 23 Profession: Associate of Commercial Real Estate @ Studley; Height/Weight: 6’0/175 Hobbies: Fishing, golfing, surfing, lacrosse, music festivals Fun Fact: He was born left-handed but his father switched him to right-handed so he wouldn’t have to spend extra money on left-handed golf clubs Perfect First Date: A boat ride to a bar, beer, dinner & good music Ideal Woman: Secure Secret: “Once while sailing around the world, I discovered a shortcut!”

43. JEFF STAY Age: 45 Profession: CEO @ BNI Miami-Dade; Height/Weight: 6’2/250 Hobbies: Speaking, boating, traveling, cooking, marksmanship Fun Fact: He was invited to tryout for the Minnesota Twins Perfect First Date: Anything that involves honesty Ideal Woman: Authentic Secret: “I was offered a candidacy in the FBI!”

44. HENRY MALPARTIDA Age: 42 Profession: Business Owner @ MPP Brickell Restaurant; Height/Weight: 6’2/180 Hobbies: Sports, traveling, dining, dancing Fun Fact: He loves to tell jokes Perfect First Date: Casual, fun & honest Ideal Woman: Down-to-earth Secret: “I’ll disclose one during a date!”